Our Logo

The brand name ‘Artham’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘अर्थम्’; which means ‘Wealth’. And as the name suggests, Artham Solutions has -

  • ‘Wealth of Knowledge’ in terms of Management having rich experience of over a decade to deal in various formats of money management In India,
  • ‘Wealth of Resources’ in terms of Qualified human resource & quality infrastructure (i.e. spacious office area of 1700 sq feet, well-equipped with the latest technological infrastructure & other required facilities)

Navy Blue Color: The Brand Name ‘Artham’ begins with alphabet ‘A’, encircled with the shades of navy blue colour; which represents our ‘Focus’ towards work. Navy blue color reflects Discipline, trust, security and orderliness. It shows commitment & care for our customers.

Green Color: As the green colour is widely associated with Wealth & Money, we have integrated green coloured upward arrows in our logo, which indicates ‘Growth’.