Mutual fund investment in surat


Understanding the need of the investor before investing their money is our utmost priority. We have our pre-defined process in place for giving insights to each client after adding the layers of appropriate Market Research Solutions (carried out by leading Equity Broker & Financial Service providers). We’ve also worked out a thorough process for Selection of Investment Advisory firm & their Investments strategies as well as associating with a Mutual Fund AMC & their Schemes. We carefully evaluate various parameters to define our processses before suggesting it to any client. While streamlining any process, we adhere to the clients’ mandate and deliver the best possible outcome while staying attentive to the underlying risks. Our holistic suggestion about a wide range of financial instruments is intended to support our clients to clarify & achieve their financial goals. Tailor-made research carried out for each client contributes to building a strong & suitable portfolio for variety of clients.

Our in-built system work in 4 steps:

Identifying the need and division of work:

While every individual has own reason to invest, we cannot suggest the single solution to all. As it is said, “One size hat does not fit all!� Similarly, our need identification process focuses mainly on background of investor, family/company size, the purpose and the duration of investment, and his conviction for various investment tools.

Job grouping and departmentalization:

The major focus in this process is to fine-tune the investor’s need with available investment tools from the portfolio. Every department at Artham solutions Pvt. Ltd. has well experienced and qualified professionals who are master of their domain. The departments are given the time bound job to analyze the investor’s need and how well they can serve them.

Duty assignment and execution:

Our team members get involved at this step to drill down for need based solution activities. The team members from different departments are assigned the roles and responsibilities with 100% accountability based on their skills and qualifications. The internal sub process at this stage delegates the authority which establishes a strong relationship between job description and accountability.

Establishment of reporting relationship

With delegation of work, team members seek some authority as well which we make sure under the management control is assigned in this step. By assigning the authority, it creates the great environment for superior-subordinates relationship which ultimately gives best outcome. The flow of this relationship continues till our clients are getting periodic work reports. The internal and external reporting structure helps in refining the strategy for the future investment for our clients.