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Alternet Investment Fund in surat

Personal Financial Analysis

Our comprehensive suggestions to cover all aspects of your Personal finance

Risk Profiling

Understanding the Client’s Risk appetite is a mandatory exercise for implementing any Investment Strategy for client. Through our ‘Risk Profiling’ services, we help our clients in gauging their risk bearing ability to identify the asset classes, matching with their investment needs. By ‘Risk Profiling’, we mean systematic Risk Assessment and Risk Management through assured Investment Framework, enabled with proper monitroing.

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning is a decisive component of financial plan. Our Insurance Planning Service aims to offer our customers the best guidance to meet their Insurance needs, while integrating insurance into their wealth management strategy. Our Insurance Solutions are worked out by evaluating risks to recommend the clients proper insurance coverage for mitigating those risks. Through its association with well known Insurance companies, Artham offers you-
A range of Life Insurance Solutions as well as
Non Life Insurance & Audit

Educational Planning

These days education requires planned savings. Hence our Educational Planning Services assist you in acquiring quality education for your child by recommending suitable savings plans and investment vehicles; which can prove as the ideal investment decisions to meet your child’s career goals.

Retirement Planning:

As it is essential to plan your savings & investments for a relaxed life after retirement, the ‘Retirement planning’ is considered as one of the most responsible decisions of Financial Planning. Our expert team of wealth planners suggest you a wide range of pensions and other investment vehicles as the devices of Retirement planning. With a rich experience of wealth management, Artham Solutions is evolving as reliable Retirement Planner in Surat..

Investment Planning & Asset Allocation

As a Chartered Financial Goal Planner, Artham firmly believes in offering tailored solutions for investment planning of each client. We specialize in Wealth Management.
Under the Asset Allocation Services, we suggest the clients to diversify their wealth across different asset classes having different risk profile & return potential. Asset Allocation is done with an objective to offset loss of one asset with the gain of other.

Tax Planning

As a leading financial consultant in Surat, Artham Solutions also offers Tax Planning Services besides working as a Wealth Management Company. As the ‘Money saved is ultimately money earned’, we recommend our clients the most optimized as well as tax efficient investment options by considering the tax exemptions, deductions & other benefits to minimize their tax liability, while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations.

Trust & Estate Planning

Estate planning, also popularly known as ‘Legacy Planning’, is the process of anticipating the transfer of an individual's assets after death. It includes transferring of assets like cash, clothes, jewellery, cars, houses, land, retirement, investment and savings accounts, etc. The assets are transferred in the following ways:

  • Wills: A will is a legal document that lays out the fate of your property after your death. It states who receives your property and in what amounts. Armed with rich experience & expertize, Artham Solutions is a name you can trust on for availing relaible Will Services in Surat.
  • Trusts: A trust is an arrangement where you entrust property to one person or an organization. The person or trustee is taxed with managing the property on behalf of your beneficiary or beneficiaries. The person or an organization can also create an ‘Investment Trust’ where he can pool the money and invest it in equity, mutual fund and other avenues; the benefits of which are transferred to the beneficiaries of Trust.

• Offerings:
Artham provides services like formation of wills, trusts or family constitutions through its tie ups with leading players in these businesses.
• Who needs it?

  • Business Houses, Entrepreneurs & Professionals
  • Nuclear family or Joint family
  • Family with no legal heir or with special child
  • Family with beneficiaries across globe with different residential status
  • NRI family with assets in India
  • Family looking at generation skipping
  • Multiple marriages
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Person looking to protect his / her assets against unforeseen events
  • Person who would like to distribute his assets as per his or her wish and not as per the governed law.

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